Gina Lash

Gina Lash is the chubby and super-smart best friend of Angela Anaconda and is a Jew. She is often picked on because of her weight, and she often does nothing about it. She is the smartest. proudest, and the heaviest student in the class. Gina Lash always helps out Angela Anaconda into problems, solutions or getting in trouble with Mrs. Brinks. Both Angela Anaconda and Gina Lash have most thighs in common, such as same cloudy pjyamas and hating Nanette Manoir, which is mentioned in the episode "Angela Who?", Gordy Rhinehart cares a lot for her.

Gina's dad is never referenced in the show and is likely human.

Gina Lash has a big love for food and she heads over heels for them. She likes cinnamon swirls, pizza, jiggly fruit and most types of foods that she can get. She often hangs out at Abatti's Pizza with Johnny and Angela for a slice of pizza. Gina's appetite is so huge that she is able to eat more than eighty servings of a large meal.

In the Halloween special The Haunting of Angela Anaconda, she dressed up as a mad scientist.


  • Gina is voiced by Bryn McAuley.
  • Her last name is possibly a pun on lashings of foods that apply to having lashes of them rather than serving of them. These foods include foods like soup, syrup and ice cream.
  • She is in Angelas Gang.